Why do you need our Magento Audit service?

  • To check on the quality of work completed on your Magento eCommerce website.
  • Ensure your website’s security setting is up-to-date.
  • Ensure your website is optimized for performance.

What's involved in a Magento Audit?

Core code checking - to make sure that there is no modified in the core code.

Extension code checking - to make sure that it is followed Magento's best pratice.

Design theme is setup correctly and theme structure is verified and follow Magento's best pratice.

Magento Audit
Magento Audit

Cross-browser compatible - Test on a various browsers to ensure there is no issue and eliminating the possibility of a lost visitor.

User friendly - To ensure that every product on your store is easy to find and use. If it take so long for user to finish any task, they will leave.

Mobile support - Test on a range of physical Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets for the most accurate results.